Product facts

Our sun glasses are controlled and fullfill EU-directive 89/686 according to the demands in the standard EN1836:2005, ISO EN 12311:2013 and ISO EN 12312-1:2013. These standards divide lenses in five different categories from the amount of light they filter. Which lens fitted different kind of light intensity can you see on the hangtag together with each product.

  • The lenses gives a maximum protection against UVA and UVB.
  • Our metal frames are treated against Nickel and fulfill the demands in accaordance with the EU-regulations.
  • The glasses are marked in price groups and all with EAN(13) bar codes.
  • All our glasses consist of non-toxic ingredients/compontents/material and have non-toxic coulours.
  • Our reading glasses have one common price group (price group 4) and exists in grades from +1.0, +1.5... to +3.5.
  • The glasses are packed 6pcs/innerpack.
  • Due to that all our customers shall receive a wide and flexible assortment, we always deliver all models in sorted colours (often 2-3 different colours per model).