Lenses information

The lenses in our sun- and reading glasses are made of acrylic. Most Sport glasses are made of Polycarbonate, which creates a very strong, nearly unbreakable and scratchable lens. All our reading glasses have asfaric lenses, which means a much thinner, lighter and more comfortable lens in comparison with a "normal" type of lens. These lenses also have a more stable quality in accordance to the grade all over the lens.

Brown, grey-green, grey
Usable for strong daylight (category 3). Exists in most of our models of sun glasses.

"Fire Brown" (brown-orange)
Protects also against the short-way blue light up to 480-490 nm. To be used in daylight and is very good to avoid strong reflexions from for example snow and water. Also very usable for car driving (category 3).

Yellow, orange lens
Creates higher contrast for example fog, snow, dawn.

Other coloured lenses
Often light lenses in for example pink, green, blue. Also they have the highest UV-protection level but the lenses does not filter away so much sunlight. Be aware of that Blue lens should not be used as sun protection (category 1 or 2).

Gradual lens
Lens which is dark at the top and then down grading towards the bottom.

Clear lens
Good for protection together with sports activities inddor or outdoor.

Mirror lens (full mirror)
A very good protection against strong sunlight and reflexions from snow or water.

Polarized lens
Reduces horisontial reflections from for example water. Usable for water activities and fishing.

REVO- & AKA-lenses
They filter away UVA and UVB to 100%, REVO-lenses takes away 84,3% blue and at least 83,1% visuable light, AKA-lenses takes away 81,2% blue and 76,7% visuable light. Very strong and water repellant.

Asfaric lens
Lens for our reading glasses. The lens is thinner, lighter and more comfortable to wear than a "normal" lens for reading glasses.